Monday, 6 June 2011

The Parfait

This was my first Colette pattern I have ever made; in fact it is the first modern pattern I have ever made, as any patterns I have used in the past have been pre-1976!  It was as user friendly as the internet folks say it is, and I had no problems with it. 

I cut a size 2, which I now feel is a tag snug, it fits but I think I could’ve cut a 4 for the midriff and skirt and it would be more flattering.  I didn’t make a toile and was apprehensive that the bust would be too generous, as has been mentioned about Colette patterns, but it fits fine. 

I added 1/2 inch to the midriff length and decided against making buttonholes for the straps and just sewed them together adding decorative buttons, same for the pockets.  I also felt the pockets were too small for the design, so added 2 or so inches to the length and slipstiched them to the dress instead of topstitching.  I zigzagged the seams, which doesn’t look the best but it will do.

I used an invisible zip for the side, as instructed, and despite using them in the past with no problems, I managed to put it in incorrectly THREE times before getting it right!  I also found it tricky sewing the midriff pieces to the bust, so snipping the seam allowance on the bust piece at regular intervals, almost to the sewing line, before sewing them together, really helped in making it sit flat in order to stitch it. 

I used self fabric for the lining pieces, as per the pattern instructions, but if I made it again from cotton or a heavier fabric, I would probably use lining fabric, as I felt it was a bit too thick overall along with the interfacing too.

I choose to contrast the seagull fabric with black because the dusky pink colour is not the most flattering to my skin tone, so the black makes it less wishy washy.  I got the fabric from a charity shop years ago, it was £2.50 for 5+ yards in a very wide width, and already have a halter dress I made from it, which I rarely wear due to the colour, so I hope the addition of the black will prevent the Parfait suffering the same fate. 

The fabric is a pain to press, it creases so easily and retains them, and I think it looks a bit shoddy due to this.  I want to make up a couple more in prettier prints and more slinky fabric.

I have another Colette pattern, Ceylon, but after reading Zoe’s account I have been slightly put off!

Me-Made-June Days 2,3 & 4

Day 1 was a fail, as I was in shop-bought PJs the whole day!

Day 2

What me-made item was worn?
A 1950s dress that needed re-hemming and the straps lengthened to fit me, this took me 2 years to do.  A 1980s silk top that I took the sleeves off after having it for several years and never wearing it as it was unflattering.

Where was it worn?
To work, then for a dog walk.

How often is it usually worn?
I had never worn the dress before, as it needed altering, Me-Made-June made it happen! I wore the silk top a lot last summer after altering it and it’s great to layer over dresses.

Will it be worn again?
Definitely, I like the items together.  I really like the dress worn as a skirt and it makes it more casual.  The top is light and cool, and can go with most dresses or skirts, so is very versatile.

Day 3

What was worn?
Red cotton & white polka-dot peplum top, self drafted at least 6 years ago.

Where was it worn?
To work, then a dog walk, and finally to the pub where a lovely lady told me she loved my ‘stylish’ outfit.

How often is it usually worn?
I haven’t worn the top for years, I’ve no idea why as I love it, though the cotton is quite stiff and not great quality, so that does let it down.  I don’t have much that goes with it, but I think it works great with the skirt I paired it with.

Will it be worn again?
Yes, it has been rediscovered and I now aim to make a few plain coloured separates to wear with it.

Day 4

What was worn?
My newly sewn Parfait dress, blogged here, made with charity shopped fabric and buttons.

Where was it worn?
Charity shopping, the obligatory dog walk then to a friend’s house, where upon arriving, her usually silent boyfriend told me I looked very pretty!

How often is it usually worn?
This was its debut.

Will it be worn again?
Yes, though the fabric creases terribly, plus I do feel it’s a little tight around the ribcage.  Overall though I feel it’s a success.


Right, I’m a bit behind on blogging recently, so here is the first of 3 posts!

'I, Claire Everson,  sign up as a participant of Me-Made-June '11. I endeavour to wear
at least one item that I have sewn, refashioned or altered, each day for the duration of June 2011'

I have always enjoyed reading ‘So, Zo...’ and have wanted to take part in previous challenges but felt my amount of me-made items weren’t numerous enough.... and maybe they still aren't! 

I have lots of clothing I have made, but much of it I haven’t worn for years or even have never worn!  I have at least 3 skirts, 8 tops, and 9 dresses but many of the things were made for nights out, so they won’t be work suitable, and I need practical clothes for all occasions.  I also have a feeling that none of the things go with each other or anything else.  I have made a list of possible outfits, but though they sound good in theory, when I try them on, it may be a different story.

Despite having huge intentions to sew like a mad woman in May, I have made just one thing, a dress, the Parfait, blogged here. Therefore, I am including altered or refashioned items, as I have dresses I bought years ago, which I’ve yet to wear only due to needing the hems shortening, and I think if this forces me to finish these small tasks, it is in keeping with the spirit of the challenge... though some may say I’m cheating slightly...  I can of course sew during the challenge, so may yet add some much needed staples by the end of the month. 

By the end of the challenge I expect to see what items are successes, what doesn’t work, so it can be given away (though charity shoppers may not want my poorly made cast offs) and what I need to make to pair some items with.