Sunday, 8 November 2015

Friday, 28 June 2013


Me again, once more here to shamelessly plug things rather than a post about sewing. 

I have opened an Etsy shop, due to the need to clear the spare room for an imminent arrival - I am due in August, gulp!  I did plan on making some maternity dresses but we shall see. 

So, at the moment I have some book page prints of vintage Vogue covers (lots from the 20s), plus a few vintage dresses, but will be listing more clothing plus sewing patterns and sewing magazines shortly, which might interest some of you.

                                 1950s Novelty print sundress, 'Sambo' label

                                        1950s Pale pink dress, label missing
                                                    Jan 1940 by Eric

                                                  May 1935 by Eric

                                                July 1932 by Benito

                                                Sept 1931 by Benito

                                                      Aug 1929 by Benito

                                             Jan 1927 by George Plank

Monday, 25 March 2013

For Sale - 1930s German Sewing Pattern Magazine

Well, I'm not here to blog, but rather to flog something - I have a 1937 German sewing pattern magazine for sale on eBay, which some of you might be interested in, find it here.

I somehow ended up with 2 of these, hence why I'm selling this one.  There are some stunning patterns, 91 in total, every outfit pictured inside (and on the cover), unlike some of the magazines which only have some.  It's in pretty good nick, plus the pattern sheets are untouched and in great shape.  For those of you not interested in bidding, I'm sure you wouldn't mind some delightful images for inspiration:


Saturday, 2 June 2012

1950s Lace Blouse Knitting Pattern

Along with the movie magazines, The Spaniard also found a load of 'Pins and Needles' magazines from the 1950s.  They contain a few sewing related pages and a fair few knitting and crochet patterns, which I intend to share.  I can't knit and have no intention of learning, so I hope others might make them and enjoy them!

First up, this sweet lace blouse

The PDF file can be accessed and downloaded with this link (I hope):

I haven't forgotten the giveaway I promised for reaching over 100 followers, I'm still thinking of what to offer.

Hollywood Spotlight 1940s

My boyfriend (The Spaniard) bought me a stash of old movie magazines at a local junk shop.  I estimate these to be from the mid 40s.  I love the hairstyles and prints.