Friday, 30 December 2011

1939 Inspiration

Hope everyone who celebrates it has enjoyed Christmas.  I had lots of sewing related gifts, which I may do a post on in a few days.  Until then, here are some lovely coats and winter dresses from Beyers Mode Für Alle, November 1939:

Monday, 5 December 2011

Pattern Magazines for Sale

There hasn't been much sewing around here to bother this blog with...though I have made a toile for the 1930s dress and all it needs are some simple fitting tweaks, but for some reason it's languishing in the trunk and I can't muster the focus necessary.  I am the worst if I hit any glitches, no matter how small, as instead of adressing the problems and getting things finished, I feel defeated and wander off to do something else!  Meanwhile the sewing stash continues to grow, as fabric, patterns, buttons, buckles and pattern magazines are added to it. 

So, in an attempt to slim it down a tad, I have a few things on Ebay that I thought my fellow sewing folk may be interested in.  I am selling 2 1968 Burda magazines June & August , with English supplements (these are double issues of ones I already have, some fab patterns!); 11 1950s Marion magazines, German mags with pattern sheets; 2 1950s Modenschau Pattern magazines, unfortunately sans patterns, so for inspiration only; and a late 1950s or early 60s Modenschau WITH patterns, some pics from inside below: