Friday, 30 December 2011

1939 Inspiration

Hope everyone who celebrates it has enjoyed Christmas.  I had lots of sewing related gifts, which I may do a post on in a few days.  Until then, here are some lovely coats and winter dresses from Beyers Mode Für Alle, November 1939:

Monday, 5 December 2011

Pattern Magazines for Sale

There hasn't been much sewing around here to bother this blog with...though I have made a toile for the 1930s dress and all it needs are some simple fitting tweaks, but for some reason it's languishing in the trunk and I can't muster the focus necessary.  I am the worst if I hit any glitches, no matter how small, as instead of adressing the problems and getting things finished, I feel defeated and wander off to do something else!  Meanwhile the sewing stash continues to grow, as fabric, patterns, buttons, buckles and pattern magazines are added to it. 

So, in an attempt to slim it down a tad, I have a few things on Ebay that I thought my fellow sewing folk may be interested in.  I am selling 2 1968 Burda magazines June & August , with English supplements (these are double issues of ones I already have, some fab patterns!); 11 1950s Marion magazines, German mags with pattern sheets; 2 1950s Modenschau Pattern magazines, unfortunately sans patterns, so for inspiration only; and a late 1950s or early 60s Modenschau WITH patterns, some pics from inside below:

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Blog Award!

The lovely Katrin of Per bar one Penny (and also of Frau Ewert Illustriert where she showcases her great illustrations) nominated me for this award:

Thanks, Katrin!  The rules are:

- Thank and link the person who nominated you.
- Share seven random facts about yourself.
- Pass the award to twelve of your blogging buddies.
- Notify the recipients.

Took me a while to think of 7 facts that may be even vaguely worth reading, and I'm not convinced I achieved even that!  Anyhow:

1.  I wore black almost exclusively from the age of 14 to about 22.  I also only wore Dr Martin boots for the same period, I didn’t own anything else.

2.  I adore pizza.  When I was in Italy I had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day.

3.  I have shaved my hair to just a few millimetres on 3 separate occasions.  I cried each time and so did my grandmother. 

4.  I’ve somehow inadvertently managed to see the pop group Buck’s Fizz THREE fucking times in concert, once when I was about 9 (which can be forgiven) and twice more at nightclubs when I didn’t realise that they would be playing!

5.  I don’t believe in marriage.  It’s an outdated concept that has no relevance for me, only makes me think of religion and patriarchy and gives the state power over your personal life.

6.  Even though I only really wear vintage/old clothes, I don’t romanticise the recent past and I loathe the idea of wanting to live in another era, where women had far less freedoms and society in general was less liberal and accepting.

7. My idea of heaven is a scummy, chaotically-arranged charity shop, with batty old women running it, who believe in putting out all stock, no matter how old or worn, and not charging the earth for it.  This is a rare thing but they can still be found.  More common though is a pristine shop with last season’s Primark and M&S on the racks, with not a ‘vintage’ item in sight, sigh.

It was also tricky choosing who to pass along the award too, I read and enjoy so many blogs, but I decided to nominate 7:

I'm off to ponder the tucks versus darts dilemma, for the 1930s dress.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

I have traced a pattern from a 1937 Beyers Mode Für Alle for this dress:

Each pattern piece is numbered at the corners, and you match up the corresponding numbers to construct the dress.  I am able to work this out without being able to read the scant instructions, however, this particular pattern has what I first though were tucks on the bodice, short sleeve and pocket, yet it appears from the photo that they are tapered, like darts.  Now, I need to know a) what amount to take out, as all the pattern pieces show are lines and b) are they tucked or tapered to nothing??  From looking at the pattern pieces, I think the pocket and sleeve are likely tucked and the bodice has darts (in the bodice at least).  I can read that it says 'pocket' '1cm', 'bodice' '1/12cm' and 'sleeve' '1/2cm' but my google translation didn't help me further.... I hope someone reading this speaks German AND understands what I am on about!  If so, I would be most grateful if you could leave me a comment!  Here are the pattern pieces and instructions:

It is a size 88 bust, which means the measurements are for a 34 1/2 inch bust, 27 1/2 inch waist and 37 3/4 hip, and I'm approx 35 1/2, 26 1/2, 38 1/2 so hopefully it will fit without too much alteration.  I have no idea what kind of ease it will have so I will make a partial toile (muslin).  I plan on making this in black crepe, and may not embroider the collar, cuffs and pocket flaps but use a patterned fabric instead.  I expect the lack of instructions to cause me quite a few headaches during construction!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Vintage Fashion June 1938

It seems I really am turning into a collector.  Now, that would not be a bad thing if I had oodles of money and unlimited space, but as both are rather lacking (the latter more so, but if I keep up the buying then the former will diminish too) then I think I should find another hobby other than shopping online.  Now, what to do?  Uh, how about sewing, there's an idea, especially as the majority of purchases -  fabric, buttons, buckles, patterns etc, are intended for just that. 

I may have some form of procrastination condition, as I really am paralysed by it and the more things I amass, and the choices multiply, my overwhelmed mind loses it a little more. So, the 35+ German vintage pattern magazines that I have just bought after a dealer contacted me with an irresistible, bulk-buy offer, are not going to help me one jot.  It does though, however, give me plenty more delicious images to share here... look away now if you're fed up of them!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Recent Purchases and Projects

I found this unfinished skirt on Etsy during one of my daily trawls and couldn’t click ‘buy’ quick enough.  The fabric is so cool that I managed to overlook the fact I loathe navy.  For £10 I’ve got a half-circle, cotton skirt, interlined with white net and already hemmed that only needs one seam, a zip and a petersham waistband.  The swooping, yellow birds make for a dramatic pattern, a novelty print that isn’t too cutesy.

Another purchase from here was a 1940s or 50s Kamehama dress, which I couldn’t pass up at under £50.  The side seams have been let out at some point so need to be restitched, plus I think the side back panels used to be shirred with elastic, which should be an easy enough fix.  The white of the fabric is discoloured slightly so I plan on giving it an oxyclean soak... I presume it’s colour-fast but will check first.

I am in the middle of making Simplicity 1157, from 1950s cotton and although I am using a size 34" bust and I measure 35 1/2", it is a little big so have to take it in on all the bodice seams, which is annoying.

I have also nearly finished a self-draped dress in this 1950s 'Circus' border-print fabric (bought here), all it needs is a facing, hem, straps and boning added, so should have it finished soon.

(Apologies for the poor quality of some of the pics, I can't find the memory card for the camera, so have used the Etsy ones)

I have several possible future projects lined up, though they all are a bit summery and autumn is around the corner.  Never mind, if I do get around to making them, I'll wear tights and cardis and autumn can bugger off.

Hollywood 1353, perhaps in this crazy 80s Hawaiian print (which, actually, is so 'beach' I would probably look ridiculous out of season):

Or use it for Simplicity 1578

Also Simplicity 3505, already made here in this 80s Fruit print cotton: 

As usual, I have too many plans and ideas vying for my attention, which means I feel overwhelmed and not a thing gets done.  Ho hum.