Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Resolutely Failing

Whoosh.  Where did January go?  I made some resolutions, mostly creative and sewing related, which I intended to blog, but never got around to it.  One of them was to make at least one thing per month, and I think you can guess what’s coming next.  I have no garment-constructing post below, accompanied by pictures of me looking smug in my new dress, ‘cos there ain’t no dress.  I DID make half a toile, and traced off 3 dresses from pattern sheets, so there was activity, but not quite enough of it.

Perhaps I can atone and in February make 2 things.  Though I’m sure you’re aware it’s a short month, a whole 2 days shorter than some, so don’t be too judgemental if I don’t quite manage it...

The incomplete toile is of the dress 90577, third from left (from 1941)

The pattern sheet shows the numbered pattern pieces and the style of lines each of the pieces are drawn with, also, usually, there's a brief bit of blurb underneath with instructions....yet the dress I chose has NONE.

As you can see, the raglan sleeves are darted and the 4 gore skirt is cut on the bias (the grain line is the arrowed line) with plenty of fullness at the hem and it hangs beautifully.  The only bit I'm concerned about is the gathering at the front and back being the only way to fit the bodice.  In the right fabric, this could be okay but I think I might have to also add waist darts to get the fit I want.  In the poly cotton of an old duvet cover that I used for the toile, the gathers don't sit right, which was no surprise.  More on this in my next post.

I also traced the white dress in the middle (from 1941):

I'm guessing this might be a case of illustration seduction ( we've all been there) as although this looks stunningly simple and elegant, the pattern pieces look shapeless and have no darts in the bodice at all, but maybe with the right amount of drape in the fabric, it might work. 

Another resolution was not to buy any more patterns, or fabric, or magazines.  Didn’t quite manage that either, but I did stay off Etsy for nearly 3 weeks.  No small feat, as I usually spent 2 hours minimum on there every, single night. Then, after being on there for about 10 minutes, I bought this yummy cotton:

Who could resist melons!  Perfect for a summery, 60s A-line mini dress. The fact that winter has finally arrived, is neither here nor there to my shopping habits or sewing inclinations.