Saturday, 2 June 2012

1950s Lace Blouse Knitting Pattern

Along with the movie magazines, The Spaniard also found a load of 'Pins and Needles' magazines from the 1950s.  They contain a few sewing related pages and a fair few knitting and crochet patterns, which I intend to share.  I can't knit and have no intention of learning, so I hope others might make them and enjoy them!

First up, this sweet lace blouse

The PDF file can be accessed and downloaded with this link (I hope):

I haven't forgotten the giveaway I promised for reaching over 100 followers, I'm still thinking of what to offer.

Hollywood Spotlight 1940s

My boyfriend (The Spaniard) bought me a stash of old movie magazines at a local junk shop.  I estimate these to be from the mid 40s.  I love the hairstyles and prints.