Monday, 12 September 2011

Vintage Fashion June 1938

It seems I really am turning into a collector.  Now, that would not be a bad thing if I had oodles of money and unlimited space, but as both are rather lacking (the latter more so, but if I keep up the buying then the former will diminish too) then I think I should find another hobby other than shopping online.  Now, what to do?  Uh, how about sewing, there's an idea, especially as the majority of purchases -  fabric, buttons, buckles, patterns etc, are intended for just that. 

I may have some form of procrastination condition, as I really am paralysed by it and the more things I amass, and the choices multiply, my overwhelmed mind loses it a little more. So, the 35+ German vintage pattern magazines that I have just bought after a dealer contacted me with an irresistible, bulk-buy offer, are not going to help me one jot.  It does though, however, give me plenty more delicious images to share here... look away now if you're fed up of them!


  1. I have the same procrastination paralysis. Perhaps we should form a support group ;)

  2. Gorgeous dresses as ever and it is difficult to choose between any of them as to my favourite.The only one that I am not too keen on is the hooded stripy affair...a cross between a mad monk and a deckchair.
    Nothing wrong with being a collector but too many choices can definitely cripple creativity!!

  3. never fed up with these!!! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Thanks for posting those, some fab cutting ideas there.
    and that weekend knee socks look!... I'm wondering if with just the right socks I could pull that one off ;)

  5. ConstantlyAlice - good idea, but left for either of us to arrange, the group would never get started :)

    UrbanRustic - I quite like the Mad Monk/Deckchair robe!

    Natalia - You're welcome, plenty more to come.

    VeraVenus - it's amazing the myriad of cuts there are in these mags, I'll post some pics of the pattern pieces for a few of the best, so you can see just how they're drafted. I say you can pull anything off if you want to, even those socks, just dare to wear them :)!