Sunday, 18 September 2011

Blog Award!

The lovely Katrin of Per bar one Penny (and also of Frau Ewert Illustriert where she showcases her great illustrations) nominated me for this award:

Thanks, Katrin!  The rules are:

- Thank and link the person who nominated you.
- Share seven random facts about yourself.
- Pass the award to twelve of your blogging buddies.
- Notify the recipients.

Took me a while to think of 7 facts that may be even vaguely worth reading, and I'm not convinced I achieved even that!  Anyhow:

1.  I wore black almost exclusively from the age of 14 to about 22.  I also only wore Dr Martin boots for the same period, I didn’t own anything else.

2.  I adore pizza.  When I was in Italy I had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day.

3.  I have shaved my hair to just a few millimetres on 3 separate occasions.  I cried each time and so did my grandmother. 

4.  I’ve somehow inadvertently managed to see the pop group Buck’s Fizz THREE fucking times in concert, once when I was about 9 (which can be forgiven) and twice more at nightclubs when I didn’t realise that they would be playing!

5.  I don’t believe in marriage.  It’s an outdated concept that has no relevance for me, only makes me think of religion and patriarchy and gives the state power over your personal life.

6.  Even though I only really wear vintage/old clothes, I don’t romanticise the recent past and I loathe the idea of wanting to live in another era, where women had far less freedoms and society in general was less liberal and accepting.

7. My idea of heaven is a scummy, chaotically-arranged charity shop, with batty old women running it, who believe in putting out all stock, no matter how old or worn, and not charging the earth for it.  This is a rare thing but they can still be found.  More common though is a pristine shop with last season’s Primark and M&S on the racks, with not a ‘vintage’ item in sight, sigh.

It was also tricky choosing who to pass along the award too, I read and enjoy so many blogs, but I decided to nominate 7:

I'm off to ponder the tucks versus darts dilemma, for the 1930s dress.


  1. Thank you so much for your kind nomination!!
    I have just read your post after a morning spent with my son who kindly offered to help me "sort" my blog out as I am not very with it re-techno stuff.After an exasperating morning spent with me failing to understand a single word he said it was nice to see your nomination.
    I enjoyed reading the facts about yourself and can't believe that anyone could have had the misfortune to see Bucks Fizz three times let alone once.
    Hope the pondering is successful!

  2. Aww Thanks :)
    I also love those older style charity shops, I hate the new boutique styles that have priced me out

  3. Thanks for nominating me! I must say your idea of heaven appeals to me ;).

  4. Thank you Claire!
    Completely with you on points 6 & 7 .

    Keep us updated on the tucks/ darts dilemma and how you resolve it....

  5. Ooooh thank you my sweetie!
    Totally with you on your number 7...give me the smelly old days of Eighties chazza shops.
    Have a good weekend.