Sunday, 28 August 2011

Recent Purchases and Projects

I found this unfinished skirt on Etsy during one of my daily trawls and couldn’t click ‘buy’ quick enough.  The fabric is so cool that I managed to overlook the fact I loathe navy.  For £10 I’ve got a half-circle, cotton skirt, interlined with white net and already hemmed that only needs one seam, a zip and a petersham waistband.  The swooping, yellow birds make for a dramatic pattern, a novelty print that isn’t too cutesy.

Another purchase from here was a 1940s or 50s Kamehama dress, which I couldn’t pass up at under £50.  The side seams have been let out at some point so need to be restitched, plus I think the side back panels used to be shirred with elastic, which should be an easy enough fix.  The white of the fabric is discoloured slightly so I plan on giving it an oxyclean soak... I presume it’s colour-fast but will check first.

I am in the middle of making Simplicity 1157, from 1950s cotton and although I am using a size 34" bust and I measure 35 1/2", it is a little big so have to take it in on all the bodice seams, which is annoying.

I have also nearly finished a self-draped dress in this 1950s 'Circus' border-print fabric (bought here), all it needs is a facing, hem, straps and boning added, so should have it finished soon.

(Apologies for the poor quality of some of the pics, I can't find the memory card for the camera, so have used the Etsy ones)

I have several possible future projects lined up, though they all are a bit summery and autumn is around the corner.  Never mind, if I do get around to making them, I'll wear tights and cardis and autumn can bugger off.

Hollywood 1353, perhaps in this crazy 80s Hawaiian print (which, actually, is so 'beach' I would probably look ridiculous out of season):

Or use it for Simplicity 1578

Also Simplicity 3505, already made here in this 80s Fruit print cotton: 

As usual, I have too many plans and ideas vying for my attention, which means I feel overwhelmed and not a thing gets done.  Ho hum.


  1. I love all of your fabric and pattern choices but especially the bird print.I'm still waiting for summer so autumn can bugger off as far as I'm concerned too.

  2. Oh, that bird skirt! I can imagine it swirling around...I am green eyed jealous!

  3. Urban Rustic, I think you'll be waiting until next year now :-(

    What-I-Found - thanks, it was such a cool find, now all I have to do is finish it off...