Sunday, 6 May 2012

Film Review 1951-2

I picked up a load of old film annuals from a car boot sale, so thought I'd share some of the lovely images.

Film Review 1951-2

Debra Paget

 Debra Paget - How beautiful

Vera-Ellen, Ava Gardner & Debbie Reynolds

Judy Holliday

Ann Blyth

Corinne Calvet & Michele Morgan

Gloria Grahame

Patricia Neal

Virginia Mayo

Evelyn Keyes

Nadia Gray

Elizabeth Taylor

Robert Mitchum & Jane Russell

Doris Day & Gene Nelson

Robert Mitchum & Ava Gardner


  1. I just love Robert Mitchum so two pictures with him in are an added bonus and have made a chilly morning significantly warmer for one old lady at least!
    Such beautiful ladies who ooze glamour and sophistication....I look more like Edna May Oliver in film star terms.
    Thank you for sharing and I don't know how you manage to find such interesting stuff Claire you certainly have "the knack"!

    1. Oh, I am pleased Mr Mitchum warmed you up, and I shall remember to scan any of him from the other books in future for you, as I usually leave the chaps out unless there's a lady with them!
      I had to google image Edna May Oliver and I have to disagree! Besides, anyone would look glamorous with the make-up, clothes, lighting and photo-retouching that they all had!
      Unfortunately I'm running out of space for all the crap I find! Hmmm, I have managed to end every sentence with an '!' :-/

  2. Hey there! I just discovered your blog and I love it so much, I nominated it for an award over at my blog! Swing by and have a look :)


  3. Michele Morgan is in her 90s now and she's only just starting to look her age. A couple of years ago and she still looked absolutely amazing.