Monday, 25 March 2013

For Sale - 1930s German Sewing Pattern Magazine

Well, I'm not here to blog, but rather to flog something - I have a 1937 German sewing pattern magazine for sale on eBay, which some of you might be interested in, find it here.

I somehow ended up with 2 of these, hence why I'm selling this one.  There are some stunning patterns, 91 in total, every outfit pictured inside (and on the cover), unlike some of the magazines which only have some.  It's in pretty good nick, plus the pattern sheets are untouched and in great shape.  For those of you not interested in bidding, I'm sure you wouldn't mind some delightful images for inspiration:



  1. Gorgeous dresses...I wouldn't know where to start to pick a favourite.
    Great to hear from you and come back again soon I miss you!!

  2. Just fab, especially having the pattern pages intact!

  3. The first dress is amazing, I love it! Hope everything goes okay with the baby :)

  4. OOOOhhh amazing dresses and outfits.