Friday, 18 March 2011


I have a fairly big stash. It is stashed *ahem* in a cabinet and 2 large trunks, with the odd piece elsewhere. So, when I overcame my procrastination and sewing-paralysis and excitedly started cutting out the tissue pattern pieces in my size for a summer top, thinking to hell with making a toile, I did not expect to encounter a LACK of suitable fabric!

I have sooo many colourful patterns, big and bold and not really suitable for a princess line bodice and peplum. Even the patterns that would work, well, what on earth would I pair the top with? This is why the 99% of my wardrobe that I wear consists of dresses and plain, coloured cardigans. No matching necessary.

All of my fabrics would look swell as dresses, yet recently I’ve been thinking of making some separates, in particular skirts, as I have lots of vintage tops that I rarely wear. Methinks I need a couple of plain skirts… which means I need to go fabric shopping.

Or make a dress. I’m back to indecision and square one.

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  1. Away we go! I'll get a ticket sorted if you can find some good shops. I know a few round here...