Friday, 1 April 2011


This week, after reading The Sew Weekly challenge, I decided to tackle some UFOs, mostly repairs and alterations, and have managed to shorten 2 dresses and a slip, sew a hook and eye to the neckline of a top that has been waiting… uhhh, 5 years (!) to be done, mend a cardigan, chop the sleeves off a top, make a belt … all in three days!  This is astounding by my standards, I find finishing things as much of a challenge as starting them.  In short, I ain’t a doer.  I still have a HUGE pile of things awaiting transformation, but it’s a start.

Since breaking my ankle over 2 months ago, my online shopping habit has gotten excessive, bolstered by my extra time being utilised by selling stuff on Ebay and swelling my Paypal account.  I was toying with the idea of a ban on buying anything for a month, and instead sewing new things… but I trawl Etsy like a woman possessed, getting a thrill from buying without having to consider if I have the cash, yet not really appreciating each purchase before searching for the next one.

As well as lots of vintage dresses and fabric (plus FOUR pairs of shoes that I can currently only wear one of each at a time), I also bought 3 1939 Marie Claire magazines, which will hopefully provide sewing inspiration (yeah right, like the 1000s of other pretty dress images I gawk at…yes they generate/inspire ideas, but rarely does something get made … are you noticing a pattern?)   I love the late 30s styles, slim lines, 4-gore, slightly flared skirts, fitted midriffs, shirt dresses, all adorable and really flattering.  I’m also partial to 1970s does the 1930s dresses, they’re easier to come by than the originals and cheaper! 

I have also nearly finished the 1970s Maudella top, in a pretty pale blue, flocked fabric, though who knows what I'll pair it with!  Hopefully post about it over the weekend.

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