Thursday, 28 April 2011


I don't get the interest being generated over in the US over the Royal wedding (or here for that matter)... I even had an Etsy shop owner email me to gush over how romantic and enchanting it is, just like a fairytale.  She also referred to Charles' and Diana's wedding, completely without irony ... I think everyone knows how that marriage turned out! 

This article, by the magnificent Will Self, sums up my feelings on it and the Royal family in general:

At least we have gained a public holiday here in the UK due to it, so hats off to that if nothing else!


  1. I think we're generally wedding-obsessed over her in the United States regardless of who is getting married. This is especially true it it's an expensive "fairytale" wedding with a ton of guests. In my opinion, I think man American females often forget what weddings are supposed to be about ( and spending your life together!).

    BUT at least you do get a day off, that is definitely worth celebrating!

  2. Sorry, meant to say "many American females" not "man American females"...ooops! ;)

  3. I think we're mainly in it for the clothes.

  4. I have only ever lived in monarchies and I consider myself something of a royalist (as opposed to a republican), but when we had a big royal wedding last year I wasn't in the least bit interested.

    On the date itself, I went into town to pick up some things and the cashier complimented my clothes and my hat and how nice it was to see all these people dressed up for "the wedding". For all my royalist leanings, I didn't figure out which wedding she was talking about for ten more minutes. I like the monarchy, but why would I get DRESSED UP to watch a wedding 500 miles away?

  5. I thought I was a lone voice in the wilderness and was the only person who would not be watching this over hyped event in the UK.I have a day of intensive sewing planned and if it all turns out shall call it my "Not The Royal Wedding 1970's Extravaganza Day".

  6. Ashley - I'm not in the least enamoured by weddings, or the idea of marriage, so I suppose Royals + a wedding was never going to interest me! A lot of women do seem to be entranced and obsessed by the idea of a perfect wedding day (and dress), and it no doubt can overshadow what it all is supposed to mean.

    handbuiltwardrobe - fair comment... the dress was extremely beautiful :)

    Emma O W - I agree, why would a wedding between people who you do not know matter to you, and especially why would you get dolled up when you aren't even attending!

    Urban Rustic - ah, it's good to know there are more like me :) ... did the 'Not The Royal Wedding 1970s Extravaganza Day' happen??