Saturday, 30 April 2011

Productivity Project

My productivity has been pathetic during my monitoring of it for the Productivity Project and I have even struggled in producing this post about it. 

The surprisingly clement weather that the UK has been blessed with has not helped... I would much rather be out with the dogs and my boyfriend than doing anything indoors. 

Apart from yesterday, I haven’t really done any sewing, and any time I did set aside to sew was wasted by indecision and not having enough of the fabric that I had chosen for a particular pattern – the downside to only buying vintage!  I spend hours online, up to 4 hours a night sometimes, time which could be much better spent creating. 

The conclusions I arrived at to improve things seem to be the same as everyone else’s, but here they are anyway:

·         Limit time spent on internet – impose strict time restrictions if necessary!

·         Focus on one thing and get on with it – I spend too long trying to decide what to start first as I have so many ideas vying for attention.

·         Plan projects in advance to avoid time wasting:
            Choose fabric and pattern.
            Notions needed for project.
·         Utilise any spare time, even if it’s 10 minutes, it all counts.

·         Maintain a clean space in which to work.

So, during the week after work, for just half hour to an hour, I am going to plan projects, mark fabric and cut out, so I’m ready on the weekend to sew.  I realise that when the weather is sunny, I am not likely to want to sew and I should feel ok about that.

I am imposing a moratorium on viewing Etsy, not only have I bought far too much, I spend 1-2 hours a night on it!  I pledge to not buy any dresses, patterns, fabric, pattern magazines... well, maybe one or two of those if I find them on Ebay, which isn’t banned.... yet.

Thanks, Tilly for inviting people to take part, it has helped me focus on things and hopefully will result in more productivity!  It has also been interesting, informative and enjoyable reading other blogger's posts too.

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