Sunday, 3 April 2011

Vintage Swimwear

All images from my 1950s Vogues

Tilly posted about finding time to sew, and asked if anyone wanted to join her in a little monitoring of time habits, which is a great idea and as I was mulling it over, I found myself buggaring around in my pictures folder, looking for eye candy to post on here… rather than using my free time to complete the top I’ve been working on. 

At certain points during projects, when the job is fiddly or tedious (um, that’s a LOT of sewing processes, I reckon), I find it very hard to focus and just do it.  I enjoy the end product of sewing, not really the making at all, and I wish I could find it more enjoyable.  I suppose to this, one might say ‘why bother?’ but then there are times when everything is going right and comes together without hitches, that it is a satisfying process.  I just have to learn to endure the many times when it isn’t!


  1. These are great. I like how flirty the first image is. HAHA! Who says they had no sense of humor? And who doesn't want a suit with boning? There's a reason they're standing...

  2. I want them all!!!!! ...well at least JUST one hehe

  3. I love that black and yellow swimming suits, and the off-the-shoulder red dress.

    I feel the same way about sewing. I don't enjoy most of what is involved in sewing but I love the satisfaction of having clothes I made myself, and being able to have clothes made how I want them made.