Friday, 22 April 2011

1938 Beyers Moden

I signed up to Tilly's Sewing Productivity Project and have been keeping notes... and though there has been a lot of sewing related activities such as thinking, planning and fabric/pattern buying, there hasn't been a lot of actual sewing.  Well, NO sewing would be more accurate.  I hope with a 4 day weekend,  that I will start something and stay away from the pub (a hangover pretty much puts the kibosh on doing 'owt at all). 

Anyway, more of that later, here are some more (sloppy) scans of Beyers Moden May 1938, this magazine contains every pattern pictured in it! I adore the 9th and 10th pages and have already traced the white & colour print dress with large pockets (meant to be a beach cover-up I think) and the white dress with blue and red straps:

I'll upload more images at my Flickr

I have 2 more of these magazines on their way... so once I get those I will be selecting some of the best patterns in various sizes and offering a giveaway - whoever is randomly picked, I will trace the pattern of their choice.  Believe me, that is no small task!


  1. These are beautiful dresses. Wow, tracing patterns can be back breaking work. Whenever I trace a pattern I usually forget a notch or something. Good luck!

  2. Those beach/sportswear designs are really great! I think that white playsuit is one of the best I've ever seen.

  3. Yet another selection of wonderful dress designs that are hard to choose a favourite from but, if pushed, I would go for the stripy number with the pleats at knee length and buttons all up the side on the last page. Probably showing my age by not going for the beach wear !!!

  4. What wonderful mags to have, and especially having the patterns!!
    I just love the illustration style of pages 24 & 25.

  5. Vintage Girl - it's very tedious and so hard to even find the relevant notches etc amongst a sea of black lines!

    thevintagetraveller - the playsuit is a small size, so it's on my to-make list.

    Urban Rustic - that's a lovely choice, though I wouldn't fancy making all 'em buttonholes!

    VeraVenus - The illustrations are stunning and they're my favourites too. I've just received another magazine with even better ones, I'll post images soon.

  6. What fabulous creations, I thought I was in love with the top dress but they just got better and better until I was a gibbering wreck looking at the beach patterns. xxx